Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just for Starters...

Hello friends. :) Welcome to KrochetLove, my latest attempt at keeping a blog alive. It shouldn't be too hard to guess what it's about, given the title. I am new to the world of crocheting compared to most (going on about 6 months), but I haven't been able to put my hook down for any extended period of time since I started. There is no particular purpose to this blog except that the main topic is crochet, but I imagine you'll see my own thoughts on learning new techniques, comments on others' work, reviews on patterns I've used, and perhaps a few patterns of my own. Right now I'm in the middle of about umpteen projects, so I doubt there will be any lack of material for inspiration. So, if you happen to come across my little blogging experiment, please feel free to comment! I welcome advice and constructive criticism from those more experienced than myself, questions from those that are less so, and any comments will be met with the utmost elation. :D

Seems like a respectable first post to me, if I do say so myself. With any luck, you will see me again soon, but for now, I've got a ladybug plush that needs embellishing. ;) A beintot!

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