Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ten Points for Petsmart

Yes, I know it's been forever since my past post. I figured this would happen eventually. ;) Life is...well, life, and it doesn't always include time for blog posts. But let me assure you, I am still crocheting! BUT #2, I do have some updates/random thoughts for you.

Update #1: My Sunburst Earrings pattern was found by Rachel of Crochet Pattern Central, and has now gotten over 2,000 pageviews! I may just have to send new free pattern links to her in the future. :) You can find my pattern on her site by going to Jewelry > Earrings in the directory.

Update #2: I was recently sent a message via Ravelry from one of the creators of Knitting Pattern-A-Day/Crochet Pattern-A-Day, asking if I would submit my Simple Butterfly Motif pattern (or something similar) for consideration in their 2013 calendar! I've gotta say, just the idea of having one of my patterns officially published kinda gives me goosebumps. :) It would be a great opportunity for more traffic here on the blog, and the fact that they approached me is rather encouraging. I got the message just before I left for vacation, but I will definitely be sending something in once I get home! For more info on the calendar and/or submitting entries, visit their site at Updates to follow.

Update #3: I got a little worn out with pattern-writing for the moment, and am currently working on my very first full-sized afghan. :) One panel out of 5 is done. I am following Caron's Aran Afghan pattern with Simply Soft (which is turning into one of my all-time faves), and learning some new stitches along the way, which is always fun.

Random musings: I recently saw some crochet dog toys on by Martha Stewart (see them here). Just goes to show you how popular crochet is, and most non-crafters don't even know it. Since learning how to crochet, I've started seeing it everywhere! Hats, bags, toys, clothing...the list goes on. And every time I see it I get the urge to buy whatever it is just so I can figure out how to make it myself. The sad thing is that much of what I see requires a bit of sewing knowledge, which I lack totally and completely (something I must remedy sometime in the future...when I have time, which will likely be never, lol).

Also, I've sort of given up on the whole sell-my-patterns-online thing, at least for now. Due to my goody-goody-rule-follower nature, I cannot bring myself to make a profit without the required permits my state requires, permits which I currently do not possess. I am also lazy, and so lack the willpower it takes to figure out exactly which permit(s) I need and how much they cost. So for now, any patterns I post will be free (good for you), but will probably not be terribly complicated or fantastic either (bad for you). At the moment, I'm trying to brainstorm a couple new motif patterns, as the last one I did proved to be relatively popular. :) Any thoughts on the matter in the form of comments are very much appreciated.